Payment solutions for churches

Our payment solutions for churches is a simple and straightforward suite of online giving options that’ll integrate with most church management software. Church members can easily pay their tithes, offerings, and other donations at the click of a button.

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Invoicing app for small businesses

One of the hardest tasks small business owners have is billing and sorting invoices. We’ve created an app that simplifies billing and invoicing for companies and business owners. It tracks billed tasks and expenses with ease and converts them into elegant invoices or estimates at the push of a button.

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Store app for retailing business

StoreApp is built and developed to meet the business demands for improved sales and earnings. The focus is to deliver the widest view of your business with a single dashboard so you can make accurate informed decisions that will enhance rapid and swift growth and in turn give you the BIG profit you deserve in busines. It is ideal for large departmental stores, supermarkets and pharmacy stores.

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Hotel Management App

Things are shaking up in the world of hotel and property management, what with the new reliance on mobile. As tech trends begin to revolutionize luxury and resort hotels, mobile capabilities are also making it possible for hotel staff to manage their property’s operations away from the front desk. We’ve created a smart and easy application to manage a hotel business.

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School management system app

Our school management system application for primary and secondary schools is a software which helps schools manage complex functions such as fees, results, attendance, library, timetable, staff, salary, notifications, documents, transport, examination, etc. The App is a revolutionary communication tool between a school, its pupils/students and their parents which helps keep the parents informed, happy and impressed.

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